A Descent Into Darkness

A Descent Into Darkness

He sent darkness and made it dark” (Psalm 105:28)

The LORD is my light and my salvation.” (Psalm 27:1)

These two quotes seem at first glance contradictory.  How can the LORD, in whom David trusted as his ‘light’ and ‘salvation’, be the same diety who sends darkness?

The passage in Psalm 105 is in reference to the plague of darkness in Egypt, the plague immediately preceding the death of the first born.  Commonly, in the study of the sages of Israel over this passage and also in the critical source method of modern scholarship, it is questioned as to how the plague of darkness can represent itself properly in the plague narrative.  After all, among the ever-increasing intensity of the plagues which precede it, the plague of darkness seems, by comparison, a mere inconvenience.  A debilitating one, but certainly not a plague of suffering such as the outbreak of boils, for instance.  Or is it?

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