Is the Jewish Calendar Wrong?

Some teachers in the Hebrew Roots movement attempt to persuade people to abandon the Jewish reckoning of the biblical calendar and adopt an alternative calendar. They perceive their interpretation of the calendar and how to reckon the lunar year to be more biblically correct. But is it?

Source: Is the Jewish Calendar Wrong?


  1. Hi David. I read the entire article on the linked site. It was very heavy-handed regarding proper authority. I have written on this subject many times and have several articles referencing the Hebrew lunar-solar calendar. It is in fact the Lord’s calendar, but I must make a few points. Though the ancients had the only manner available to them to reckon the movements of the sun and moon, we now have exact measurements and times regarding the beginnings of lunar and solar cycles. I have been following the official Hebrew calendar for decades. It is sometimes off. I understand there has to be a universal reckoning worldwide so this does not bother me. However, I make my own calculations based on a few simple facts: (1) The DAY does not start, as you well know, until sunset. (2) The exact beginnings of lunar and solar cycles are easily researched and applied. (3) It is the sun and moon that the Lord has given us for timepieces. From this we have our calendar. There are almost exactly 235 lunar cycles within 19 solar cycles, and this is why the Hebrew calendar sometimes has years of thirteen months. (Our Gregorian calendar is, of course, absolutely useless from a celestial perspective.)

    In essence, we no longer need some “official” authority to pronounce the proper calendar, since scientific measurements give us all the information we need. The official Jewish calendar is sometimes wrong by a day or so but is often self-correcting as the long-term cycles play out, but I have absolutely no contention with this and yield to the official calendar when using it for ministerial purposes. Thanks for the post.

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    1. RJ,
      Very interesting comments. I don’t believe that the focus of the article was intended to resolve who has the correct reckoning, as much as to speak to the schisms which currently exist within the Hebrew Roots movement, much of which goes out of its way, often in a harmful and disrespectful manner, to try to discredit traditional Judaism. I agreed with the article from that vantage point specifically. So I’m uncomfortable agreeing with you in your statement that we don’t need an established authority on matters of interpretation of such things. Obviously, man is not perfect, therefore our rulings are not perfect, but God clearly gave the Jewish authority structure the right and responsibility to determine such things, and this mantle has not been transferred to a group of largely Gentile Hebrew Roots enthusiasts. I’ve heard Lancaster at other times give a nod to the facts you point out, and perhaps he would have been wise to do so in this case as well. I actually wonder if this post was ghost-written by his assistant, in which case his original tone may have been lost. Thanks so much for adding your excellent insights here. I learned from them.
      Abundant blessings,


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