Video: The mutating virus of Anti-Semitism, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks


    1. So happy that you took the time to watch it Charlene. Yes, he’s a brilliant author and speaker. I have a number of his books. My study of the Holocaust and the history of anti-Semitism changed my life and a number of my views on society. I’m committed to sharing about it as often as possible.

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      1. The books I read as a kid had a lot about the Holocaust in it. I think it is the most incredibly horrible event I can think of. I have mental pictures in my head from the books that I read that will never leave me. I told my husband that I cannot even envision myself ever going to the Holocaust museum because I wouldn’t be able to take it. The idea of how inhuman people can actually go so far to be to other members of the human race is mind boggling. Ultimately, simply because of economic reasons. I followed his youtube site.

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  1. David: You may want to take a look at this; it is from the blog Fellowship of the Minds:

    I left two or three comments. You know a lot more about Hebrew things than I do, so I thought you may want to give a comment on the comments concerning the Talmud. (I know very little about the Talmud).

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