The God of the Philosophers: Ethics & Free Will

A brilliant and thought-provoking essay by a fellow blogger who also questions the dogmatic assumptions of the Church. Take 10 minutes and enjoy.

word and silence

One could spend a thousand lifetimes on religious questions which have no answers. Such questions are worth bringing up but not even attempting to exhaust, and so I want to briefly write about two of them: morality, and intertwined problem of free will and predestination.


In all of these pages I never saw a reason to justify how morality could exist in the absence of God. But as I was finishing this book, I happened to listen to many hours of debates between atheists and believers on the existence of God, and was amazed to find the faithful all saying that if God didn’t exist, there could be no morality.

When I first began thinking about this problem years ago, my conclusion came fairly quickly: I immediately realized that what held me back from attacking or hurting someone was not fear of doing what God had told me not…

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