We are a unique community of faith. We exist physically in Buford, GA, and online through this site as well as our Youtube channel. We approach the scriptures from a first century apostolic lens. We utilize both Christian and Jewish scholarship in our approach to studying the text of the Bible.  We also believe that sociology, history and culture play a role in anyone’s understanding of God and faith practice.

We focus on the teaching of the entire Bible as one continuous story of revelation, with a special emphasis on the Torah of Moses, the teachings of the apostles and Talmud and the rich universe of Jewish writings.

Our mission is to help restore the original gospel message, which was inherited by the apostles from not only Jesus, but also from the tradition of their native faith.  We also seek to reclaim the importance of discipleship and sound teaching to the daily practice of faith.

We seek to be a trusted resource for reliable teaching at a depth of understanding which is difficult to find elsewhere.  Our desire is to publish useful and edifying articles, audio teachings and (eventually) books and pamphlets which can aid in others’ efforts to do the same in their own communities.

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