We utilize the archive.org platform for uploading our audio teachings.  The teachings are free to stream or download.  They are formatted to allow you to share them as well. Our teachings are both inductive and midrashic approaches to the text, with respect given to both a grammatical-historical approach and modern scholarship.  The perspective is Messianic, Judeo-Christian and early-apostolic.

Exodus teachings:

Gen.50:22-Ex.1:1-22 The Faith To Overcome

Ex.2:1-10 A Light That Dawns

Ex.2:10-22 Moses at the Well of Truth

Ex.2:23-3:12 The Call of Moses

Ex.3:5-4:13 Preparing for the Mission

Ex.3:15-4:22 The Sent One

Ex.3:1-5:22 The Trouble With Revival, Part One

Ex.3:1-5:22 The Trouble With Revival, Part Two

Ex.6:1-8 The World to Come

Ex.6:2-8 The God Who Inhabits History

Ex.7:1-13 Facing the Face of Evil

Ex.7:1-9:35 Judgment

Ex.10:21-29 Descent Into Darkness

Ex.10:24-11:8 Blood, Fire & Water

Ex.11:9-12:13 A Thorough Inspection

Ex.12:14-13:3 A Mixed Multitude

Ex.13:3-22 Generational Transformation

Ex.14 The Messiah at the Red Sea

Ex.14:31 Agents of Salvation 

Ex.15-17 From Slaves to Servants

Ex.16 Our Daily Bread 

Ex.18 Principles of Sustainable Leadership 

Ex.19:1-3 On This Day 

Ex.19:4 Gathered on the Wings of Eagles 

Ex.19:5-20 Waiting On Man 

Ex.19:21-25 Four Hundred Barrels of Wine

Ex.20:1-17 Then God Spoke 

Ex.20:18-26 Mediator of the Covenant 

Ex.20:1-26 Authority and Tradition 

Ex.21:1-11 Mishpatim 

Ex.21:12-14 Three Kings 

Ex.21:15-21 Freedom and Responsibility 

Ex.21:22-36 Measure for Measure 

Ex.22:1-3 A Thief in the Night 

Ex.22:4-6 Burning Your Neighbor’s Field 

Ex.22:7-15 Fear or Faith: The Parable of the Talents 

Ex.22:16-27 Don’t Oppress the Stranger 

Ex.22:28-23:9 How To Love Your Enemy 

Ex.23:10-19 Fields White For Harvest 

Ex.23:20-33 Behold, I Send an Angel 

Ex.24:1-8 Blood of the Covenant 

Ex.24:9-18 Seeing God 

Ex.25:1-8 An Act of Free Will 

Ex.25:8 The Day that Man Created the Universe 

Ex.25:8 A Tabernacle Among Us 

Ex.25:9 As Above, So Below 

Ex.25:10-22 The Measureless Space 

Ex.25:23-30 The Bread of Faces 

Ex.25:31-40 Faith On Fire 

Ex.26 The Pargod 

Ex.27:1-8 Ashes to Ashes 

Ex.27:1-8 The Portion of Benjamin 

Ex.27:9-19 Modesty 

Ex.27:20-21 Love Crush 

Ex.28 Tetzaveh: The Priestly Voice 

Ex.29 Consecration and Unification 

Ex.30:1-10, 34-38 The Inner Life, Part One & Two 

Ex.30:11-16 Counting Sheep 

Ex.30:17-21 Wash Your Feet 

Ex.30:22-33 Anointed and Exalted 

Ex.31:1-11 Filled With the Spirit

Ex.31:12-18 “But as for You…”: Gifts, Obligations and Distinctions 

Ex.32:1-18 A God Who Will Go Before Us 

Ex.32:19-35 Intercession 

Ex.33 Descending and Ascending 

Ex.34:1-7 Yom Kippur and the 13 Attributes of Mercy 

Ex.34:8-35 Divine Moses 

Ex.35 The Jewish Expectation of Messiah 

Ex.35:2-3,30-35 The Priority of the Sabbath 

Ex.36-38 Building the Kingdom 


  1. Awesome! I have not listened to all of them yet. I always thought that Moses’ Mother only hid him for 3 months because at that point babies start to get more active and would be too hard to hide him. I thought it was awesome that God allowed her to be the Nanny and teach her son, and be paid a wage for it as well after he was “found” by Pharaoh’s daughter. Never really gave the midwives a lot of thought except that they were pretty brave and thought that they wouldn’t be able to do that, when their calling was to help women to give birth, and that they were their own people. Really enjoying these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. There is some challenging content in some of them that will force you to question and evaluate some dogmas. Don’t hesitate to both challenge and question the teachings if you find yourself in a place like that. Critical evaluation is an important part of true learning. And thanks for the feedback! It’s a blessing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with you…critical thinking is an important part of learning and growing in faith. It is a shame that many people are afraid to ask the questions about their faith that are on their hearts and troubling them. It isn’t like God doesn’t know that the person has the questions just because they don’t ask them. Also Jesus never made fun of or criticized his disciples for asking questions no matter what they ask…even when they ask things like “should be call down fire from heaven on them?…or “can we side by your right side in the Kingdom of heaven?” I think people are largely afraid of what their questions reveal about themselves to others…but I prefer to stick the promise that “perfect love casts out fear”, than to live in fear and uncertainty because I won’t ask a question. I have learned a lot over the years about God and he keeps revealing more and more. It keeps me from getting too proud of myself whenever he reveals something else that I didn’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I ended up going to you tube and getting them via conversion. I tried all I could to find them reloading and all…for some reason they just are not coming up. I even sorted by alphabet to see if they were just not loading. I have no idea why those two are like that…the others all loaded fine, except for having to put the names on some of them after downloading. Some just said “audio only” instead of the name when they downloaded. I am really enjoying listening to them. I was listening to the modesty one again tonight…Some of the things you said about laying things before the altar and leaving them behind there really spoke to me. I really appreciate your teaching and how much work you put into it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you very much Charlene, both for those kind comments and also your persistence to obtain the material. I think that the difficulty is your computer processing but I could be wrong, I’m not a teckie. The files are uploaded onto archive.org, and then I use the archive’s embed feature to embed the play button onto the site. When you hit play from my website it is actually linked to archive. Perhaps if you went to archive.org directly it would eliminate the issue for you.


      3. Oh, Dave. I actually am on archive.org. I am sorry I forgot that the comment was made on a different page. My bad! That is where I cannot find them. There seems to be an issue on the Oasiswordpress site for me to download so I had been going straight to archive, but using the wordpress site to get the order of things and the names of them. Everything was fine, except for those two not coming up. As you say it may be an issue of incompatibility on the wordpress site with my computer. I have no idea, not being a techie myself either. I am sorry I was not thinking that I needed to mention that they were not on the archive site when I made my comment. I feel really bad about being unclear as I know you must have been looking at the wrong site to investigate it for me.

        Liked by 1 person

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