Audio: Genesis

The following 18-week teaching series was an overview of Genesis which we taught at a charismatic Christian church in our hometown.  The focus of these teachings were to look at messianic pictures in the text, rather than verse-by-verse exposition. Further developments have occurred in our understanding since these talks were delivered, but there are still many wonderful truths which we learned while going through this series.  Both Jewish and Christian scholarship were utilized in developing these teachings.  We utilize the platform for uploading our teachings.  Simply click on the link (or copy/paste) and you will be brought directly to it.

Session 1: The Word

Session 2: The Light of the Messiah

Session 3: The Garden of Eden and the Messianic Era

Session 4: The Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness

Session 5: Noah and the Dove

Session 6: The Call of Abram: Faith and Obedience

Session 7: A Priest After the Order of Melchizedek

Session 8: A Covenant Made In Blood

Session 9: Enemies of the Gospel: The Real Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah

Session 10: Sarah Laughed: The Enduring Nature of God’s Covenants

Session 11: The Akedah: The Story of a Father and a Son

Session 12: Isaac the Well-Digger: Doing the Work & Will of the Father

Session 13: The Blindness of Isaac: A Messianic Picture

Session 14: Jacob’s Ladder: Promises, Perspectives & Worship

Session 15: A Coat Dipped In Blood: Messianic Anointing

Session 16: The Suffering Tzaddic

Session 17: Divine Inclusion

Session 18: Judah and Tamar/The Scepter of Judah



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