From September of 2015 through December of 2017, I taught an online class through the book of Exodus. The approach was a verse-by-verse expositional method, and the focus was trying to understand the book from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Some sessions were recorded in a live, home-group setting, some were recordings of myself in the studio after the live class was over, and many others were studies I led with my online group through Zoom.

These files are temporarily still available to stream for free. Eventually, I plan to produce a redacted, condensed version of the series (along with a study guide for small groups) that will be available for purchase for those looking to understand this fundamental book of the Torah from a more authentic apostolic lens than is typically available elsewhere.

For now, please enjoy these selected samples of the series. For the entire catalog of teachings from this series, as well as my Genesis series which I taught at a non-denominational, charismatic church from January-June of 2015, go to and search for New Life Christian Fellowship (for the Genesis series) or Oasis Fellowship (for the Exodus series and other teachings). The files are all available for free on, until I take them down, which will happen eventually.

On This Day 

Generational Transformation 

How To Love Your Enemy 

Don’t Oppress the Stranger 

Freedom and Responsibility 

Waiting On Man 

Burning Your Neighbor’s Field 

Three Kings 


“But As for You…” Gifts, Obligations and Distinctions 

The Measureless Space 

Fear or Faith: The Parable of the Talents 

Wash Your Feet 

A Thief In the Night 

The Bread of Faces 

Faith On Fire 

Ashes to Ashes 

Building the Kingdom