A River Flows From It

A River Flows From It

The following are my personal notes for a lecture I gave at a charismatic church in my hometown.  It was part 3 of an 18 week series which studied Messianic pictures in the book of Genesis, and their implications to our understanding of the gospel and the kingdom of God.

“A River Flows From It”: The Garden of Eden and the Messianic Era”

Base texts:  Genesis 2:8-10, Exodus 27:13, Ezekiel 47:1-12, Rev.22:1-5

So far we have looked at the presence of Christ at creation in the form of the Word, and co-creator with God.  We’ve seen Him “hovering” over His creation, showing the picture of the time when the knowledge of Him will “cover the earth”.  We have also seen the Light of the Messiah incarnate at creation, only to be concealed and substituted with the physical sun and moon and the earth, and to be revealed later.

Now, we will look at God’s redemption of mankind.  After the fall of man, and the exile from the Garden, God begins the process of bringing us back to the place of innocence in Paradise.

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